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Although we are a telecommunications master agency for the service side of the industry, were one of the few organizations whose core mission is to work effectively with Value Added Resellers of telecom/networking equipment for the hardware side of the industry as well. We believe that through supporting your business we will benefit our own, by creating a powerful system that allows you to grow your core business without requiring any money or commitments up front. We know that once you see the power of our program, you'll want to fully engage with us to mutually exchange business well into the future. Thank you in advance for your interest and taking the time to read this short description detailing our system..

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Our unique master telecom agency works with a network of over 45,000 online and offline affiliates and agents/subagents who drive leads to our bandwidth quoting system and telecom equipment referral services. The web traffic that is sent to us is converted into the sale of hundreds of T1 and DS3 lines each month. The web traffic sent to (and partner sites) is distributed to registered VARs in our program who sell equipment and service these customers.

As a result of these dual marketing efforts we are creating a large database of businesses who have purchased commercial telecommunication services, many of whom need (or will need) telecom handsets, PBXs, routers, switches, firewalls, telecom closets, etc. These customers are also looking for Cisco Dealers, Avaya Dealers, Lucent Dealers, Mitel Dealers, Lucent Dealers, Nortel Dealers, and Shoretel Dealers. Likewise, we are gathering customers in need of equipment and sending them to you in hopes that you #1) can sell them your equipment and #2) can refer business back to us if they ever request T1/DS3 voice and data/internet services, or any other type of bandwidth in the future. Our program is a classic case of a WIN WIN relationship.

Three Ways to Participate in our Program

There are three ways in which you can make money within the system. Each one will be discussed in greater detail if/when you sign-up to participate in our directory. They are: (in order of importance):

  • Sell your telecom equipment to the free leads delivered to you.
  • Earn income by submitting bandwidth service leads to us
  • Recruit other VARs and earn overrides on their sales

Each of these three opportunities carries with it the potential to put more money in your pocket, add more customers to your rolodex, and create long lasting relationships that you can rely on in the future whenever your customers have a need with which we can help.