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ATTN: Network Equipment Installers, System Integrators/Interconnects, Telephone Hardware Vendors, Telecom Cable Technicians, etc.

Please fill out our Value Added Reseller (VAR) application form - To apply to become a participant in our network, please provide us with the following information: Your name and business name, telephone number, email and mailing address, and your desired user ID and password. We will create your new account and then contact you to gather more information about what you do, what equipment you sell/install, and the areas you service. This profile info is needed for matching up a particular VAR with a client’s specific needs. For example when a client searches for a PBX installer in Seattle Washington, they won’t get results for a predictive dialer vendor in Hartford Connecticut. Having your profile filled out correctly will ensure that the system functions as designed.

How Our Program Works

  • You sign up to become a partner.
  • You receive free service and/or equipment leads from our system.
  • You contact the prospect, provide a proposal, and (hopefully) win the business.
  • After winning the business, you perform the service and/or deliver the requested equipment.
  • You bill the customer.
  • You remit a portion of the bill back to our office. The default amounts are 10% for service and 2% for equipment. You can change these in your profile to fit your business plan.
  • VARs who volunteer to pay more than the default will be given higher ranking points. Also by referring telecom “service” leads (such as T1, PRI, MPLS, SIP, DS3, etc.) back to us, this will improve your overall ranking.